Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lone Star Floyd - Back From the Beyond!

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I've written anything on this blog, but it's time to start it back up! After several years of practice and line-up changes, Lone Star Floyd is ready to rock Texas, the Southwest, and the rest of the world, with it's full-time cast!! Here's a short history of the band...

The founders of Lone Star Floyd, Doyle Maston (bass and vocals) and James Davis (Hammond organ, piano, and synths), originally began their Floyd adventure with the DFW tribute band Bricks in the Wall. Going out on their own several years later, they put together a phenomenal group of musicians to form the band Fearless Floyd. Fearless played together for several years and developed quite a following in the process.

Another restructuring in late 2008 led to the additions of an amazing drummer Harry Kelley, Dave Opalecky, a smokin' hot guitarist, the awesome Gavin Perry on guitar, and Greg Holman (yours truly!) on lead vocals, who had just left the band Casting Shadows (Doyle's first bass gig incidentally). Gavin left LSF for a more lucrative career playing bass (WOW!, is he good) and was temporarily replaced by Todd Guinn of Fearless. But Todd is a busy man and could not devote his full attention to LSF, so after courting uber-phnomenal guitarist Phil Claiborne (of Mojo Kings fame) for two years, Phil's schedule opened up and he agredd to become a full-time player for LSF. Thrilled by this development James and Doyle were finally seeing their ultimate vision, Lone Star Floyd, come to fruition. LSF is a world class group of musicians who faithfully reproduce the sounds of vintage Pink Floyd to the delight of hardcore Floyd fans.


We will be introducing the new line-up on Saturday October 1st, at Tolbert's Restaurant - 423 S. Main St. Grapevine, Texas 76051 Phone: (817) 421-4888.

Frank X Tolbert

October 1st is also my wife Lisa's and my wedding anniversary - Love you sweetie!!!

We will go on around 9:00 pm and play until they make us stop (probably around 12:00 to 12:30). Make sure that you get there early, as we expect a sold-out house! They have great Tex-Mex food and a great staff! So, grab your friends, head to Grapevine, have some chili, beers, and tequlilla shots, and come listen to the best Pink Floyd tribute in the Southwest - Lone Star Floyd! We're looking forward to seeing everybody!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Gig!

Well, were set. Our new violin player, Kelsey, is absolutely fantastic. It's Pink Floyd like you've never heard them before! The entire lineup is solidified and are going to be playing at Skillman Street Pub, on December 26th. There will be a new Rush tribute band opening for us and we will be playing a long, hour and a half set. The address is 9220 Skillman Street, Suite 115, Dallas, TX 75243 Phone: 214-341-4022. It should be a fun night. Try to make it out. It'll be a great escape from the dogs of Christmas!

See you there,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Howdy Y'all, from the Lone Star State!

Hello all, I am Greg Holman, the new vocalist for Lone Star Floyd. As many of you now know, Fearless Floyd is no more but the Phoenix that has risen from it's ashes looks to be a very formidable bird. I can't even tell you how pleased I am to be a part of the new line-up. We are currently rehearsing for a possible first show in October. It will be somewhere in the metroplex and we will be posting the info as soon as it's available. We are looking forward to seeing everybody and getting this show on the road. Let us hear from you, so that we can put you on our mail list.

Comfortably Numb,